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LEADERSHIP: A New Paradigm

For the first time in the evolution of the building industry, responsible leaders are creating a vision of a future for the planet that goes beyond sustainability. "The Holy Grail is not a particular tool or certification program" says Bill Reed of Integrative Design. "It is the capability to bring about regeneration of all of the earth's living systems. It calls for a whole new paradigm focused on living systems thinking."

Kim Nadel of NICHE Design Group asserts, "Professionals in the building field need to get beyond turf considerations and go forward with a shared commitment to using common language and metrics. To meet The 2030 Challenge, we all must be involved to some measure in the development and shaping of a system of tools supportive of holistic design of buildings and the products used to construct, furnish and operate them."

"It's the end of the phase of privatizing the profit and socializing the risk," proclaims Rives Taylor in the Houston office of Gensler. "We're now in the era of accountability in which we all can be aware of and responsible for the economic, environmental and social justice impacts of what we do."

The world is in transition. A new model of global cooperation is replacing siloed operations, competitive approaches to manufacturing, and inside-the-box thinking. "All of these issues call out to be held and embraced as if they are one whole entity," adds Reed. "The pieces must be understood only as aspects that are in integral relationship with one another-because they are."

The frame for human life and work is expanding. Corporations are realizing that the larger their playing field, the more cost there is to operating within a limited, short-term horizon. Formal and informal partnerships are springing up based on an increased awareness of our economic and environmental impacts.

Manufacturers are looking at how their products affect our health and productivity; engineers are interested in efficient use of energy and water; and developers and interior designers are considering how buildings shape our quality of life and our well-being. People around the world are waking up to the value of buying green. Children understand that everyone can make a difference.

        "The future belongs to those  who give the next generation reason to hope."
        -Teilhard de Chardin


The Green Standard.org 1: Vision of Regeneration
June 2007
By Deborah Dunning and Rosamund Zander
A vision of regeneration through sustainable product design and selection.

The Green Standard.org 2: Product Life Cycle Assessments
June 2007
Product Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) offer architects and interior designers the most complete and scientifically robust information on a product's exchanges with the environment throughout its life-cycle.

The Green Standard.org 3: Sustainable Product Standards
June 2007
A Sustainable Product Standard is a Type 1 EcoLabel developed to assist manufacturers in designing or re-designing products to achieve a high level of sustainability.

The Green Standard.org 4: Environmental Product Declarations
June 2007
For architects and interior designers wanting to learn about various aspects of a product's performance, using only one tool, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) will be useful.

The Green Guide EcoLibrary™
June 2007
A panel of experts, assembled by The Green Standard.org, elected to define criteria against which building professionals can review existing and future certification programs; a process that included the creation of a comprehensive matrix of product certification programs used all over the world.

The Green Guide EcoList™
June 2007
Interiors & Sources®, in partnership with The Green Standard.org, introduces the Green Guide EcoList™—a roadmap for finding products that have met one or more sustainable benchmarks to receive product certification as screened by a formidable team of sustainability experts. This EcoList will expand over time and will evolve as an "ever green" document that designers can turn to for reliable, transparent information about green products.


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