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Cultural Creatives Study 2008

National Survey Results on Values, Ecology, and Politics. Designed and analyzed by Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., Founding Partner, Integral Partnerships LLC and Chair of the Institute for an Emerging Wisdom Culture. National Survey on Values, Ecology, Politics: March, 2008 to August, 2008. 2000 respondents, representative US sample, 55% response rate. Mail questionnaire to a national panel of people who had pre-agreed to respond to several surveys over the year.

 The fieldwork was done by TNS, world's largest survey research corporation
There's been a dramatic shift at the values level in 10 years toward more ecological and planetary awareness...

Americans are now emotionally ready to act on global warming and ecological crisis, and it really fits their values.

But they are not yet clear what to do, or what sacrifice is needed, if any. They want leadership from government and business and believe in technological solutions. They are vastly more aware of planetary problems than 10-15 years ago.

From Values Section of Questionnaire:

68.35% say Very or Extremely Important is: concern that our country has been headed in the wrong direction  

64.50% say Very or Extremely Important is: concern that my children will live in a much worse world than I grew up in      

60.35% say Very or Extremely Important is: helping to create a sustainable world for myself and for my children

57.95% say Very or Extremely Important is: making sure that we leave a decent legacy for future generations  

55.80% agree:  Our materialistic way of life can be replaced by a new, more hopeful one   

51.70% say Very or Extremely Important is: wanting to be involved in creating a better society than we have today           

49.95% say Very or Extremely Important is: desire for a more ecologically sustainable way of life in America

From Ecology Section of Questionnaire:

87.05% agree: We need to treat the planet as a living system              

83.20% agree: Each generation's duty is to make the world a better place for future generations

82.45% agree: We must stop the destruction of the globe's farmlands, forests and oceans 

82.45% agree: Humans need to have more respect and reverence for Nature   

81.25% agree: Corporations must take more responsibility for their impact on global warming           

80.20% agree: We should change the way we live now so future generations have decent lives         

75.35% agree: People need to work for the good of the planet, for it is our only home        

73.40% agree: We have a moral duty to protect all God's creatures from extinction            

71.75% agree: It is our sacred obligation to care for God's creation     

70.50% agree: I see myself as a citizen of Planet Earth as well as an American  

63.00% agree: Too many people refuse to accept the seriousness of global warming         

62.00% agree: The earth is headed for an environmental catastrophe unless we change   

60.40% agree: America needs to take the lead on global warming, not drag its feet            

55.40% agree: We need solar and wind power for global warming, not coal and nuclear

Theme: Willing to get involved, but not just to pay through the nose (it's a recession mentality)

51.00% agree: I'm willing to do volunteer work as part of a commitment to help save the planet

45.45% agree: Working on the planet's problems is now the main task for humanity           

But then here are some old familiar items:

only 25.45% agree: I'd pay more taxes to help solve our global warming problems                               (50% disagree)

only 22.95% agree: I'd pay 50 cents more a gallon for gasoline if it's used to stop global warming        (50% disagree)

© 2008 Dr. Paul H. Ray, Emerging Wisdom Culture Institute, Integral Partnerships LLC. Do not distribute without authors expressed written permission.

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