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 3rd EUROPEAN FUTURISTS CONFERENCE LUCERNE. Meet the Future, Make the Future, Move the Future. Inspirations, Methods, Best Practice in Foresight.  The Future of China’s Economy – The Path to 2020. A Survey and Report by Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) and Fast Future A Brief History of the Future by Oona Strathern  more

Future of Social Networks

Blogging and advertising is excellent, as a tool, but to combine these skills with a spirit of community and be available for random connection is by far the most powerful way of using the Internet, says Penny Power, founder of the business network Ecademy. 

The world’s priorities for tomorrow
If history tells us anything it is that we actually solve more problems than we create, says Bjorn Lomborg, initiator of the Copenhagen Consensus Process. One of the most influential global leaders (according to Time Magazine) has become famous as “Sceptical Environmentalist”. Climate change is one of the big issues, but there are more important ones, but they are not as sexy as the climate, argues Lomborg. 

How much technology are people willing to take in the future?
How can technology not dominate but enable and improve people’s lives? How can it be part of the solution and not part of the problem? That’s the lead question leading Philips’ innovations strategy. Josephine Green, Director of Trends & Strategy at Philips Design, explains, how Philips has moved from being a technology led company to a people focused company. 

Opening up the Innovation Process – The example of BBC New Media
As media audiences move to services distributed over IP networks, the barriers to entry for new competitors is reduced to almost zero. 

Dangerous ideas and the evolution of Meme Machines
Why has a dangerous version of Islam evolved over the past few years? Scientist Susan Blackmore argues that humans are not in control of memes (which are an equivalent of genes in the world of ideas or stories). 

Swiss Re Risk talk on Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Kevin Warwick at Risk Talk in Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

Thought communication and better humans through implants
Linking human brains with computers opens up possibilities of extra senses, improved memory, multidimensional thought and a whole new way to communicate – mind reading, says Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. 

Social events CAN be predicted
Social events don’t just “happen”; there is a structure and pattern to the unfolding of collective human social phenomena. As a mathematician, Professor John L. Casti believes these patterns can be identified, understood, and used to give insight into what might happen next. 

India, Malaysia and China will be the growth stars in GDP by 2020
According to a unique foresight tool of Deutsche Bank Research, by 2020 the four largest economies will be the USA, China, India and Japan when using purchasing power parity exchanges rates to convert GDP data into a common currency. 

Social and economical impact of Web 2.0 will be enormous
Web 2.0 is developing such economical and social impact that nobody can afford to ignore this ‘movement’ – regardless of the all the hype. It is enabling new business models, in particular for small or even very small enterprises, predicts Dr. Walter Hehl and IBM’s Global Outlook 2006. Another trend: Event-driven systems will detect patterns in order to take the appropriate actions. 

Future Seminars
Seize the opportunity: create your own seminar under the roof of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne 2006!  more

Futurists see opportunities in an ageing society
Europe's leading futurists and futures experts gathered for the first time in Lucerne for a symposium. At the European Futurists Conference Lucerne, 200 participants from 19 countries discussed new methods of perceiving and seizing the future as well as new findings in futures studies.

November 19 - 21, 2007 at Lucerne, Switzerland

Ort: Culture and Convention Centre KKL Lucerne
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