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carbon footprinting + transition

Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services was drafted and Product carbon footprinting has been triggered by the wish to involve consumers on climate change and to drive emission reductions in global value chains. After harmonisation in standards is more or less under control the original objective is coming into focus again.

Questions that need to be more extensively discussed to foster the most promising approaches and solutions to global emission reductions are:
  • How do we best engage with consumers towards low carbon consumption?
  • How do we actually exchange carbon and environmental information in global networks?
  • What level of transparency is needed to build trust and stimulate innovation?
Answers to questions such as these will also likely feed back into methodology and tool development. We have an understanding of what carbon footprinting in itself can and perhaps cannot achieve but we need to sharpen our common vision of what we want to achieve in the end. Then we can re-open our toolboxes afterwards and employ the tools we already have, including the now existing global standards for product carbon footprinting, in the most effective way.

It is our hope that the 4th PCF World Summit will contribute to exploring answers to these questions and to moving forward together. After all we have no time to lose on climate change but much to win.

Rasmus Priess
Co-Founder PCF World Forum

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