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The 2010 Global LOHAS Study

Summary: Consumers around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when the first decade of the 21st century passed into history on January 1, 2010. A decade characterized with bubbles popping, political, corporate, sports star scandals, terrorism becoming part of the daily news cycle, and international turmoil concluded with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Consumers have every reason to be exhausted and even a bit skeptical.

NMI's global research shows that more than 2 billion consumers are starting to place more value on sustainability and social consciousness when assessing their purchase decisions.

Reports are available for the following countries:
Hong Kong
South Korea

However, the downturn that followed the financial crisis gave rise to some interesting changes:

Climate change arrived on Asia's agenda in a big way, and has not gone away despite Asia bouncing back strongly in 2010. In fact, there are several countries in Asia seeking to take a lead in climate change technology and the business of climate change – China and Singapore are two good examples.

Companies are taking greater responsibility for their actions in the marketplace – internalizing externalities – many times without external regulation.

Consumers are making small but meaningful changes in their day-to-day lives to both lighten their footprint on the environment and to be physically healthier.

Mainstream consumers are awakening to sustainability and identifying points of relevance to their lives.

Meanwhile, LOHAS consumers (the environmental stewards) continue to evolve and push for greater accountability – demanding ever-greener products and deeper behavioral commitment on their part.

Whilst Asia did not escape the financial turmoil and economic downturn, it has recovered faster than the West. Although there is a danger of going back to the unthinking consumption patterns of pre-crisis, there is evidence to suggest that Asian consumers are starting to place more value on quality of life and the environment when assessing their purchase decisions.

NMI pioneered quantifiable consumer research on the health, sustainability, environment, and social issues space in America in 2002, long before it was mainstream, covered in the daily news, or commonly discussed in Fortune 500 boardrooms. Despite the challenges of the past decade, and 2009 in particular, it is as clear as ever that sustainability is here to stay, that it drives business strategy, returns positive results to shareholders, and appeals to consumers across the green spectrum.

In 2002, NMI pioneered quantifiable consumer insight on health, sustainability, environment and social issues in North America. Continued global expansion marks the first LOHAS studies undertaken in ten Asian-Pacific countries among more than 16,000 consumers. This groundbreaking research was a collaboration between NMI and Asia-Pacific LOHAS.

NMI is an international strategic consulting, market research and business development company specializing in the health, wellness and sustainable marketplace. For more information on NMI's proprietary research reports and services, visit NMI's website at www.NMIsolutions.com.


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