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LOHAS Journal 2007/08


LOHAS Marketplace serves a consumer movement identified by sociologist and author Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., called the Cultural Creatives. In research conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute, more than 63 million LOHAS consumers support businesses that share their commitment to natural living and the health of their families, communities and environment. Read by executives, business owners, opinion leaders, power brokers, investors and decision makers serving this growing, values-based marketplace.

Our current issue's content features:

Is Green Enough? read online
What about authentic leadership?

Market Opportunities  read online
What are the strongest sectors of the LOHAS market and what factors are driving purchasing decisions?

Why Green is Good for Business  read online
An inside look at green initiatives from one of the leaders of the hospitality industry, the Fairmont , and helpful tips on how to green a hotel.

How to Green Your Hotel and Buisness   read online
Easy steps to accomplishing sustainability in your hotel or business.

Responsible Credit Cards  read online
Which credit cards to avoid and which will work best for you and the planet.

LOHAS Takes Japan   read online
LOHAS has spread overseas and is becoming hugely popular in Japanese culture.

LOHAS Top 25 Agencies read online
The top LOHAS focused marketing groups that can help you build your brand.

Green Marketing 101
Seventeen tips from market leaders. 

The LOHAS 10 Forum 2006
Celebrating a decade of dedication to building the LOHAS community, our LOHAS Forum promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Authencity and Integrity   read online
To have an effective LOHAS company you must have an authentic LOHAS leader.

Green Building   read online
As green building matures, business opportunities about. Green building is penetrating the mainstream building industry.

The Blooming of Earth-friendly Flowers   read online
The growth of the organic flower industry smells pretty sweet.

A Natural Partnership   read online
Many in the spa industry are providing goods and services oriented toward the LOHAS consumer.

Finance Your Independence   read online
Learn how to raise capital without loosing control of your business.


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The best publications to reach LOHAS consumers

Clean Technology Investment - by Expansion Capital Partners

How You Can Green Your Office  - by Andrew Korfhage

LOHAS Market Review - by Steve French and Gwynne Rogers

Who's Changing Whom? - by Eric Peterson

Growing Healthier Food - by Charles M. Benbrook, Ph.D.

Personal Development for a New Kind of Leadership by Terrie Lupberger


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