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Green Marketing

by Jacquelyn A. Ottman



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Chapter 1 - Greener than Ever

People Are Worried
Environmentalism is a Core Societal Value
Citizens Are Responding
Green Product Sales Soar
Children Are Green
Trading Partners Are Green
Green Marketing Opportnuities
Personal Rewards, Too

Chapter 2 - Consumers with a Conscience

Many Shades of Green
Green Consumer Psychology and Buying Strategies
Need for Control
CASE STUDY: Profile of a Simplifier
Need to Make a Difference
Need for Information
Need to Maintain Lifestyle

Chapter 3 - Why Conventional Marketing Won't Work

The New Marketing Paradigm
The Seven Strategies of Green Marketing Success
CASE STUDY: Stonyfield Farm Takes a Values-Based Appraoch

Chapter 4 - Green by Design

Strategies for Success
Minimize Direct Environmental Impact
Use Sustainable Sources of Raw Material
Source-Reduce Products and Packaging
Conserve Natural Resources, Habitats, and Endangered Species
Use Recycled Content
Make Products Energy Efficient
Maximize Consumer and Environmental Safety
Make Products More Durable
Make Products and Packaging Reusable and Refillable
Design Products for Remanufacturing, Recycling, and Repair
Make Products Safe for Disposal
Make Products and Packaging Compostable
Ideas for Action

Chapter 5 - The Next Big Product Opportunity

What is Green?
Need to Think in New Ways
CASE STUDY: Woody Pens: Designed for the Environment
CASE STUDY: The McDonough Collection: Textiles with Zero IMpact
Getting Started: Ask "How Would Mother Nature Do It?"
CASE STUDY: Fox Fibre: Dyed by Nature
CASE STUDY: Citra-Solv: Nature's Own Cleaner
CASE STUDY: Xerox: Where Thinking in Circles Pays Off
CASE STUDY: John Deere Saves Money Through Reuse
CASE STUDY: The Coming Age of Renewable Power
Ideas for Action

Chapter 6 - How to Communicate Green with Impact

Challenges of Green Communication
Strategies for Success
Empower Consumers with Solutions
Appeal to Consumers' Self-Interest
Provide Performance Reassurance
Consider a Mix of Media
CASE STUDY: Annie's Homegrown: Where Packaging Does the Talking
Ideas for Action

Chapter 7 - The Secret to Avoiding Backlash

Position Green Products and Programs as Part of a Corporate Policy of Environmenal Excellence
Promote Responsible Consumption
Consider the Environmental Impact of Your Marketing Methods
Use Meaningful Claims
Ideas for Action

Chapter 8 - Team Up for Success

New Environmental Stakeholders
General Public Stakeholders
CASE STUDY: Chemical Manufacturers Enlist Employees to Help Fight Chemophobia
CASE STUDY: Wal-Mart's Green Store
CASE STUDY: Home Depot's Environmental Greenprint and Other Initiatives
Ideas for Action
CASE STUDY: EPA Partners with Industry to Prevent Pollution and Boost Profits
CASE STUDY: Gridcore Systems International Benefits from Government Support
Ideas for Action
Environmental Groups
CASE STUDY: Canon: Where Cause-Related Marketing Reinforces Leadership
Ideas for Action
CASE STUDY: Ethan Allen Teams Up with Ametek to Recycle Foam Packaging

Chapter 9 - Work from the Inside Out

A Visible and Committed CEO
Empowered Employees
CASE STUDY: Introducing The Natural Step: An Innovative Aproach to Sustainability Training
"Greening" Is a Continuous Process
CASE STUDY: One CEO's Environmental Odyssey

Chapter 10 - Two Companies That Do Everything Right

CASE STUDY: Tom's of Maine: Where Corporate Social Responsibility Is a Way of Life
CASE STUDY: Patagonia: A Deep-Seated Commitment to Environmentalism


Appendix A: The CERES Principles

Appendix B: Federal Trade Commission Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

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