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Responsible Business

Consultative Decision Making Authoritative approaches to management are no longer appropriate in knowledge and service based companies. Consultative decision making, one of the core values of EBBF,  is described in this new Knowledge Centre produced by EBBF member Gary Reusche. This approach seeks participation and consensus in making decisions and unity in execution. Drawing on the collective intelligence of those affected inspires better decisions and more effective implementation.

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Responsible entrepreneurship is a concept and a process whereby entrepreneurial enterprises integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders. This centre highlights the importance of SMEs, illustrates ways in which they can be engaged, and presents a compelling business case for responsible practices.

Sustainable Development

This centre represents a very comprehensive review of the concept of sustainable development, its ethical implications, and the challenges and opportunities for companies in becoming more sustainable. It offers an excellent powerpoint presentation together with supporting documents explaining each bulletpoint that can be used and modified for various audiences. There is also an EBBF publication, The Challenge of Sustainable Development and Prosperity by Arthur Dahl which can be downloaded. Finally, there is an extensive bibliography and a list of links to other sources of information on this subject.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a dynamic process that incorporates a viable business model with a sound social mission. It generally focuses more on adding social value than economic value. You will find here one of the most comprehensive guides on how to start or develop as a social entrepreneur.  At the same time you will understand more about this recent phenomenon which is capturing the interest and talents of a new generation of MBA students both in Europe and in North America as well as in emerging economies such as in India.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the subject of rich debate among business leaders, academics, NGO’s and public sector officials. This centre once completed will define some of the major issues in CSR and will discuss the business case for adopting responsible practices. At present, it offers a powerpoint presentation on “An Introduction to CSR”, an extensive bibliography and lists of relevant organizations and web sites.

Ethical Finance

The financial community has a pivotal role to play in addressing global social, environmental and governance challenges. Financial institutions are a major actor both in adopting more responsible business practices in their own internal operations and in applying similar practices in their investments and services to their clients. This centre describes the multiple facets of ethical finance, the principle actors involved, and the drive to engage financial institutions and corporations in more responsible practices through a combination of socially responsible investment, sustainability reporting, pressures from international institutions, and microcredit operations.


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