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A world full of fake spiritual teachers?

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 We live is a world full of ‘fake’ spiritual teachers, false prophets, and people who have ambition to become ‘popular’ and are mostly looking to turn their ‘spirituality’ into a business (this attitude is the foundation of spiritual materialism). This is an added test for our own awakening process, and a test in our ability to discern truth from lies - and this ability to discern will not be easy tests, they will be subtle, we will often have to go against the crowds because what is ‘popular’ is mostly just an indication of the stupidity of the masses and how easily they are led by their own wishful thinking and need to project their power on someone outside of them.


True spiritual teachings are not something you will just learn from a course, a retreat, and are definitely not something you will assimilate from reading a bunch of facebook posts - (although they may help as part of the unfolding of your journey)... the lessons you are here to learn for your individual soul’s evolution will come as INITIATION points handed to you by your LIFE EXPERIENCES - these will often be unexpected, sometimes cruel (to your egos sense of who you are), yet always with an undercurrent of compassion and (as as hard as it may be to swallow at the time) this force is that which leads us to see THE TRUTH therefore it is made of LOVE. This is an evolutionary journey that you do not get to decide the path of or when it happens and it is up to you to translate these experiences to inner wisdom so that you do not have to repeat the lesson (yet we often do, because humans learn through repetition).

No one else can do this work for you, regardless what the promises of their sleek marketing campaign, testimonials, ‘special downloads’ and cool Instagram meme quoting themselves against the backdrop of beautiful photography tries to persuade you of - this is the path of YOUR SOUL. You may have teachers along the way, yet they can only reflect back to you the light that they see within you - it is up to you to bring that light FORWARD, it is up to you to develop the inner knowing that unmistakably knows the truth because it resonates in every cell of your body.

Your insecurities and inability to believe in your individual power and purpose is what attracts all these false teachers to you. Once you take that power back - no one can tell you a lie, no matter how beautiful it sounds, and have it received by your soul. BE DISCERNING.
This is the individual soul journey remembering itself as nothing, everything, yet seeing it’s own special place and purpose in the midst of all that. It is a journey for the special fragmentation of your soul understanding it’s part in the macrocosm. No one else can do it for your work for you. This is why you came here.
Don’t believe anything I wrote - find out if it is true for yourself.
Laura Matsue



Adyashanti said:

"The truth of the matter is that most people who say they want awakening don’t actually “want to awaken". They want their version of awakening. What they actually want is to be really happy in their dream state.

But the real, sincere impulse toward enlightenment is something that goes far beyond the desire to make our dream state better. It is an impulse that is willing to subject itself to whatever is needed in order to wake up. The authentic impulse toward enlightenment is that internal prayer asking for whatever it is that will bring us to a full awakening, no matter whether it turns out to be wonderful or terrible. It is an impulse that puts no conditions on what we have to go through.

This authentic impulse can be a bit frightening, because when you feel it, you know it is real. When you have let go of all conditions - when you have let go of how you want your own awakening to be and what you want the journey to be like - you have let go of your illusion of control.

Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It's seeing through the facade of pretence. It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.


In my experience, everyone will say they want to discover the Truth, right up until they realize that the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace. It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down. For one who is truly ready, this will be unimaginably liberating. But for one who is still clinging in any way, this will be extremely challenging indeed. How does one know if they are ready? One is ready when they are willing to be absolutely consumed, when they are willing to be fuel for a fire without end.”


Wake Up Call

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