Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018


Lebensstil auf Basis von Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit
  1. AFTERLIFE – Mix
  2. Geschützt: Prof. Dr. Walter Veith – Neues Zeitalter
    Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.
  3. Walter Veith – Gesundheit – kein Zufall
    Alles, was unser Organismus dazu braucht, liefert uns die Natur. Wir müssen bloß zugreifen! Dr. Veith zeigt auf, dass in frischem Obst und Gemüse weit mehr als »nur« Vitamine steckt: Sie enthalten mächtige Phytochemikalien wie Phytoöstrogene und Antioxidanzien, die erwiesenermaßen Krebs, Osteoporose, Wechseljahr-Beschwerden und eine Vielzahl anderer Leiden wirksam bekämpfen oder ihnen vorbeugen. Es wird […]
  4. How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | Lightning Network
    Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase Claims Government Will Take Control Of Bitcoin In an interview on Tuesday with Fox Business, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, alluded that in the near future the government will seize control of Bitcoin. This came only a few months after Dimon came out against the popular […]
  5. Das Fermi Paradoxon
    Wo sind all die Aliens? www.kurzgesagt.org/work/black-holes/ REAL SPIRIT DYNAMICS
  6. Digital Transformation: Chandran Nair
    Ready for the Digital Future? Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, self-driving cars, robots, and the Internet of Things are a mainstay in the news, but are we ready for the digital future? Do we have the necessary skills to take full advantage of new technologies? Digital transformation is a multi-disciplinary topic—perhaps one of the most complex […]
  7. Samadhi – Part 2 – It’s Not What You Think
    TRAILER – Full Movie coming… About the Samadhi Center The Samadhi Center is located in a very quiet corner of Ontario, just south of Algonquin park, nestled among several hundred acres of beautiful forest and bordered by the Little Mississippi River. We are very conscious of the beneficial effects of being in nature and have […]
  8. The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom?
    There is one simple rule to follow when understanding the tragic history of economies: Never put blind faith in a system built on an establishment-created foundation. You would think this would not be a difficult concept to grasp being that we have so many examples of controlled economies and collapse to reference over the centuries, […]

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