Samstag, 24. Mrz 2018

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  1. “Global Britain” Is Already on Its Own

    British voters' decision to leave the EU may have been motivated mostly by domestic issues such as political dysfunction and immigration, but the costs of departure are being felt first on the foreign-policy front. The international response to the recent nerve-agent attack in Salisbury, England, suggests that the costs will be high.

  2. Putin’s Pyrrhic Victory

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's foreign incursions and public displays of militant nationalism have proved effective in winning over large swathes of the Russian electorate. But they have also turned Russia into an economic lightweight, and left it increasingly isolated on the world stage.

  3. The Struggle for Egypt’s Future

    The ideological war between Islamists and nationalists has defined the politics of the Arab world for at least 60 years, and shows no sign of ending. While the impending reelection of Egyptian strongman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi suggests that the nationalists have won, all it will really mean is that the Egyptian people have lost, yet again.

  4. Europe Should Not Retaliate Against US Protectionism

    At some point, US President Donald Trump's pursuit of protectionism policies is likely to hit Europe hard. But instead of responding in kind with tariffs on US imports, the EU should pursue a de-escalation strategy – one that also frees its own citizens from the yoke of European agricultural protectionism.

  5. How to Avoid a US-China Trade War

    With the US targeting China's steel and aluminum exports, and now its weak intellectual property protection, fears of a trade war are mounting. But the biggest threat to US-China trade ties is the recent US tax cut, which will cause the bilateral deficit to widen by as much as $100 billion annually.

  6. India’s War on Antimicrobial Resistance

    Antibiotics differ from almost every other class of drugs in one important and dangerous way: the more they are used, the less effective they become. For developing countries like India, where antibiotic resistance is growing as a result of over-prescription and misuse, it is only a matter of time before the bacteria win.

  7. What Putin Won in Russia’s Election

    Over the course of his 18 years in power, Russian President Vladimir Putin has veered from embracing the West to vilifying it. His reelection – with record-high turnout and support – suggests that his bet on nationalism has paid off handsomely, and that Russia is headed for a long period of stagnation.

  8. Lessons from the Iraq War After 15 Years

    In the 15 years since former US President George Bush launched the Iraq War, the Middle East has been wracked by turmoil, and America's standing as the post-Cold War era's benevolent hegemon has been irreversibly eroded. Are US policymakers about to repeat this tragedy of errors?

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