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  1. Why Obamacare Survived

    When the 2016 general election delivered all three branches of the US government to the Republican Party, the time to fulfill the party's promise to "repeal and replace" Obamacare seemed to have arrived. Why haven't they succeeded?

  2. Britain En Marche ?

    Even as the UK faces the upheaval of Brexit, nobody is talking about remaking – much less challenging – the established political parties. But, while the British political system does put formidable barriers in the path of new parties, the chances of success are greater now that at any time in the past 40 years.

  3. Ten Lessons from North Korea’s Nuclear Program
    Many governments are now debating how to prevent or slow further advances in North Korea’s capacity to produce and deliver nuclear weapons, and what should be done if such efforts fail. But while these are obviously important questions, they are not the only ones.
  4. The Coming Financial Volatility

    Bond investors are from Mars, and central bankers are from Venus – or so suggests the bond market’s negative reaction to signals that the exceptional monetary-policy accommodation of the last decade is winding down. Are risky asset markets right to ignore the red flags that the bond markets are waving?

  5. The West’s Decadent Foreign Policy

    The West is increasingly reluctant to allow its vision of civil liberties and human rights to shape foreign policy, often owing to the potential commercial costs. Such foreign-policy decadence threatens to undermine the West's claim to be a community of values – and the EU's claim to be more than a glorified customs union.

  6. The Shame of Le Monde diplomatique
    Le Monde diplomatique, which has no editorial connection to the newspaper Le Monde, is not well known outside France. In a way, that is too bad, because it is typical of the French intellectual and journalistic scene – and of a brand of populism that remains deeply rooted in France.
  7. The Flip Side of Euro-Atlantic Integration

    In recent decades, the EU has been powered by two fundamental forces: integration and expansion. But, with Britain's vote to leave the Union and illiberalism on the rise in countries like Poland and Hungary, those forces are now in doubt.

  8. The Middle East’s Next War

    The impending collapse of the Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate will not bring peace to the Middle East. Instead, another conflict will take center stage: the struggle for regional hegemony between Sunni Saudi Arabia, backed by the US, and Shia Iran, backed by Russia.

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